Teresa Mcdonald Cine Traineee At Red Wolf Films With Mentor Giordano Bonora Groome

"A Life-Changing Experience"

20 June 2024

Teresa McDonald, CINE Trainee and Red Wolf Team Member, describes her CINE experience to Belfast Live

CINE is a Northern Ireland Screen initiative that provides formal training in skills such as production techniques, idea generation, communication skills and teamwork. Participants are then given the opportunity to put these skills into price via paid industry placements.

Teresa McDonald is a CINE Trainee working with us here at Red Wolf Films in a post-production role, mentored by Giordano Bonora Groome. She described the experience to Belfast Live:

“Before CINE, I was working in retail and struggling with my mental health as I didn’t enjoy my job,” she said.

"When I saw the position with Red Wolf Films it sounded like the perfect fit for me and the experience has been life-changing. I’m so grateful for the CINE opportunity as I don’t think any other avenue would have provided this experience and access to an employer or job that I love."

Following participation in the scheme, almost three-quarters (72%) of those who had secured employment were from lower socio-economic backgrounds, nearly half (46%) had a disability, while 16% were from underrepresented ethnic minority groups.

Commenting on the success of the scheme, Red Wolf Films Co-Founder Giordano Bonora Groome said:

"Red Wolf Films is delighted to support local initiatives like CINE.

We've always known that there is a deep pool of film-making talent here in Northern Ireland, capable of competing at the highest level globally.

Teresa has been a fabulous addition to our team, making significant contributions to the exciting and prominent film projects that we undertake here. We are incredibly proud of her achievements and the fresh perspective she brings to our work."

You can read the full article on Belfast Live.